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Real Estate Market Analysis


Real estate market has its own specific properties or characteristics and you should be aware of them before making action investment.
The first aspect to be noted is the market value of a property. This can be found out from listings that show the latest real estate market values in the neighborhood where you wish to make a purchase or a sale transaction.
real estate terminologiesthat go into a transaction.

Finding current trends

The next most important aspect is to find out the current trends in real estate. Is the real estate market hot or cold? You need to understand the real estate climate to figure out how well you can do with your transaction. At times the real estate market will favor buyers at time it will favors sellers. Taking an example here, when there are more job opportunities in an area, more people will want to relocate and hence the demand for real estate will be high and hence you cn appreciate property value to increase. This means selling property and making a good profit from the sale is something you can comfortably do at such times.

What is a seller's market:

  • Seller market - This is a situation wherein there is a more demand for homes than there is a supply for them. This means seller will get a good price in sale. Sometime home are put up for sale at prices well over their normal level. Reasons for this situation are more employment opportunities and lower interest rates. In a situation where mortgage interest rates are lower, getting a loan will also is easier so you can see lots of people vying this as an opportunity to get a loan.

What is a buyer's market

  • Buyer's market - Here the price of real estate is low and a buyer does not have to spend some much money in getting a decent property. This situation happens when the interest rates are high and there are more homes available for sale than homes required. Job loss as a result of a company closing down and moving elsewhere can also create a lot of sellers trying to sell of their home to move to other areas in which they can put their skills and qualifications to use. This is more of a depressed real estate market, but one that benefits the buyer. At such time a buyer can state their price and get an assent from the seller for this as the seller is more interested in selling off the property and realizing money from the sale.

The Real Estate Market Analysis is a tool people use in order to know the market they already belong or would belong in the future. Real Estate Market Analysis is one of the important steps before developing a marketing atmosphere. As a first step one should gather information about the market through different online surveys, focus groups and every possible relevant sources. A good market analysis would surely include information on the real estate trends, full assessment of Real estate companies, their strategies and a relevant data about potential real estate buyers and sellers.

A good Real Estate Market Analysis should also have the full information about:

  • The history of the Real Estate Market
  • The current demand of the Real Estate Market
  • The future trend of the Real Estate Market
  • It is also important to know whether the demand is increasing, decreasing or remaining constant.

When someone is looking to engage himself in the Real Estate Market his Real Estate Market Analysis also should consist of some more views:

  • Demand and Growth in the Real Estate Market.
  • Profits in the Real Estate Market

Demand and Growth in the Real Estate Market
With the increasing population, demands for Real Estate Property is bound to increase. Thus the Real Estate Market is bound to grow bigger and more demanding. So those who want to engage themselves in this market have very little risk of losing money. Government and bank policies also play a big role in increasing the demand and the growth of this market.

Profits in the Real Estate Market
Real Estate Market is a profitable field where both buyer and seller have the chance to profit in their own way. The seller can always profit by selling a property at a higher price and the buyer has the same option after the transaction. It is a kind of win-win situation for both buyer and seller.

Indian In Real Estate Market

The Indian economy and the real estate sector in particular are high on its ride to prosperity. As India’s economic growth curve rises, real estate India has emerged as one of the most appealing investment areas for domestic as well as foreign investors. Indian real estate has huge potential demand in almost every sector, but especially commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hospitality, healthcare etc. But maximum growth is attributed to its growth from the booming IT sector, since an estimated 70 per cent of the new construction is for the IT sector.
Investment scenario has certainly undergone a paradigm shift in India. Gone are the days when potential investors used to sought after investment options like equity bonds and park money in shares where your return ranges between 5.55 to 6%. Data showcased by property surveys show that returns from rental incomes on investment in commercial property in Indian metros, is around 10.5%, the highest in the world.

Key Facts

  • Selling and buying Indian property is now considered as the most profitable and attractive business opportunity in the present real estate scenario in India. New demands have added to strength of real estate markets across the commercial, residential and retail sectors in India. Not surprisingly, demand for Indian property has been increasing steadily for the past few years and it has exceeded supply.

    There has also been an upward swing on the real estate price values in the recent years. Due to the huge demand and rising prices, investment and speculative interest in real estate is growing while excess money supply, stock market gains and policy changes are adding to the trend in favor of the real estate sector.
  • In the last one year, the capital values of the commercial office spaces has increased by up to 40% owing to the increase in the demand from IT / ITES and BPO sector across major metros in India.
  • India has a distinct regulatory and financing management in place .Real estate boom in India is supported by its own flourishing economy on a sustainable basis. Here, , growth of the property market is not a result of renovation and overhauling; but rapid development that witness for India riding the high growth wave. 

Factors Favoring Investments

Tremendous growth has been taking place in both residential as well as commercial segments that is attracting huge investments phenomenal price escalation (more than 100% in several places) in last couple of years.
Lower interest rates, easy availability of housing finance, burgeoning income and better job prospects, increase of nuclear families have given a boost to the demand for residential properties in India. The net yields (after accounting for all outgoings) on residential property are currently at 4-6% p.a. However, these investments have benefited from the improving residential capital values. As such, investors can count on potential capital gains to improve their overall returns. Capital values in the residential sector have risen by about 25-40% p.a in the last 2 years.
The retail market in India has been growing due to increasing demand from retailers, higher disposable incomes and opening up of FDI in Retail. The capital appreciation in this sector is close to 20-35% p.a. However, the risks associated with this sector are higher as retailers are prone to cyclical changes typical of a business cycle. Changing consumer behavior combined with increasing disposable incomes will ensure further growth of the retail sector in India.

  • In the present day scenario, if there is any powerful investment tool that brings burgeoning financial returns, it is INDIAN REAL ESTATE!!! Investors should consider the parameters minutely and meticulously to find out why investing in Indian real estate now is the best viable option

Perfect Real Estate Investment You Can Operate from Home with Little or No Money Down!

  • Do you need more income?
  • Are you bored and fed up with working for somebody else?
  • Are you concerned with finding a safe place to invest your money?
  • Has the stock market stolen your hard-earned money?
  • Do you have limited cash for starting a new business or investment career?
  • Are you under-paid and over- worked?

Real Estate is the Perfect Arena to Become a Business and Investing Tycoon!
Real estate is the perfect business game for the little guy. Why? Because real estate offers dozens of lucrative profit centers, business opportunities, and investment gold mines for virtually anyone -- Age, educational background, experience, gender, or capital holdings are all irrelevant.

The typical requirements for most jobs or fancy investments are not needed because real estate is a highly entrepreneurial field.
Let me explain,  I started my investment business when I was 20 years old. Yes, 20-years old. I was so young and so dumb, people didn't take me seriously. I was a baby-faced kid buying real estate properties (with minimal start-up cash). When I would meet the various workers and players in the business I'm sure they thought I was a joke--and I probably was--I knew next to nothing! You see, I had no degrees, no college, very little business knowledge, I barely knew which end of the screwdriver to hold, and I had only a small amount of money from my job. The bottom line--if I can do it--so can YOU.
What did I have? Drive and passion. I had an extremely high ambition to succeed at real estate.
All of that was twenty years ago. I am still in the game and I love it. Why does this matter? Because I can teach you what I know so you can do it too!
You will no longer have to be subject to the ups and downs of the economy, high inflation eroding away your buying power (in fact, inflation will be your friend as a real estate investor), a cranky boss, or your employer suddenly closing its doors and sending you away disenchanted and with a worthless pension. By the way, if you think Social Security will be enough to live on in 10 or 15 years, think again. Inflation is going to make your Social Security very, very difficult to survive on.

Threats In Real Estate Market

According to Frost and Sullivan’s 2006 Survey, Indian IT sector is under pressure from Chinese and other upcoming potential outsourcing hubs of the world. The survey suggests that India’s lead over China in outsourcing is narrowing. The reasons that were cited by the research firm are the ones that are well known.
Poor Infrastructure, High attrition rates, Sky rocketing wages of IT workers!
Findings from the reports were:
According to its 2006 global outsourcing survey, Frost & Sullivan said India was the top hub, followed by China, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Philippines and Canada.
The survey reviewed some 300 multinational firms in seven sectors: financial services, technology, health care, fast-growing consumer goods, transportation, energy, and media and entertainment.
When respondents were asked to choose their top three outsourcing hubs, India scored 2.25, China 1.76 and Ireland 0.77.
Although India is churning out more than 3 million graduates every year, demand for experienced professionals in India is outpacing supply, leading to attrition levels of up to 40 percent or higher, especially in the Information Technology sector.
Due to this gap, other upcoming outsourcing countries are looking to grab the share of consolidating Indian outsourcing market.

  • Change in governmental policy can be a threat to Real Estate Market. Change in tax, loan-interest policy, closing down of industries when a city is based on that can be very threatening for the Real Estate Market.

So to avoid these kind of dangers and profit more one needs to have a sound Real    Estate Market Analysis on which the entire business planning would depend.

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